“Relativity applies to physics, not ethics.” 

- Albert Einstein  (1879-1955)

How do you effectively communicate a company’s Code of Conduct, Mission and Values throughout the organization?

How do you make your compliance strategy relevant and engaging?

How do you apply the learning to employees’ everyday decision making?

Creative Factor Productions assists our corporate clients in their efforts to ensure that their personnel understand and comply with relevant laws and regulations, as well as company policies and procedures. CFP has a proven track record in designing and implementing interactive, experiential training to support our clients’ compliance strategy

The number of regulations and the need for operational transparency are growing.  Risk mitigation and litigation prevention have become paramount concerns for corporate managers.  To this end, organizations are increasingly adopting detailed sets of compliance controls.  CFP creates training and interactive programs that assure that all necessary corporate governance requirements will be met.

Case Study One:
Client needed to conduct compliance training for their internal sales organization using non professional facilitators.

Creative Factor Productions designed an interactive meeting-in-a-box compliance series developed to communicate the client's compliance strategy, mission and values.  Our solution incorporated video, slides, a leader’s guide, interactive tools, games and exercises to promote discussion during training sessions.
The series included a flexible multi-media format making the modules easy to use and highly interactive.  The format provided consistent communication to a diverse sales organization.
The training modules provided real-world situations to aid the attendees in applying their learning to everyday decision making.

An independent survey was conducted and concluded that the compliance series had an overall effectiveness rating of 96%.

Case Study Two:
Our client needed to improve their external sales partners’ compliance with a one thousand-page policies and procedures manual.

The CFP Solution was the development of a web-based learning application targeting key compliance issues from the manual.  The series of monthly programs incorporated real-world video scenarios with brief competitive quizzes to reinforce key policies and procedures.  The competition helped generate near total participation.